True to Scale

Modeled after a North American vertical color light but in 1/8th scale. Complete with a faux Fresnel 8-3'8" roundel lens with prism for an authentic look. Made from UV resistant ABS for outdoor use.

Conduit Body

Our custom ABS hood mounts to a modified 1/2" PVC conduit body. It is glued with common ABS-PVC glue that you would find at your local hardware store. An optional top and bottom mount allow for stacking lights.

Easy to Assemble

The kit includes everthing you need to assemble the light for a 12v-18v system. Hood, modified conduit body, PCB, LED, Resistors, Connectors, screws. Assembly requires gluing, sanding, soldering and painting.

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Assembly Service Don't have the time to assemble the signals yourself? Contact us and we can assemble the kits for you.

sampleWe can glue, sand, paint, solder your signals for you. Use the contact form below and tell us how many you are looking to buy and we will provide a quote to assemble your order.

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